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Dec 11, 2020

Terrible graphics on Xbox Series X. The same run and gun formula we have had for years. Nothing to do in the city but piss people off and get shot at, or try some of the broken side missions.

I thought the Witcher 3 had issues at launch but man.... this game is a mess.

Dec 17, 2020
Cyberpunk 2077 will be the last game I preorder, the game is a mess and I'm playing it on a Series X, its full of glitches and broken mechanics, the graphics are decent and the story not surprisingly is very very good but i needed to save and load constantly and at one point it even shut my console off. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME, for now....

Dec 18, 2020

I spent around 20 hours on Xbox series X, and damn this game is garbage. Putting aside the bugs and crashes, this game is awful. The AI is probably some of the worst I've ever seen, the progression is boring and feels pointless. The level gating is terrible, the combat is terrible, the loot is terrible. This has got to be the best looking worst game I've ever played. What a joke of a company.

Jan 4, 2021

This game is a broken, ugly, pile of trash on all current and next gen systems. I played this on the series x and could not believe how poorly it runs. Launch Xbox one games looked and ran better than this game. I had no hype at all for this and bought it the day before launch based solely on how well the Witcher 3 played and looked on the one x. It’s staggering how muddy the visuals are and how terrible the frame rate is on series x. Thankfully I got a refund from Microsoft. I will look back into this game when there is a proper next gen version. Don’t buy this game until it has been overhauled.


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起動し遊ぼうとしたら、サイバーパンクはXbox series Xでもセーブデータをロードしてゲーム始まった途端にフリーズ、Xboxのホーム画面に戻されるゲームプレイ不可の強制バグがあるし再起動して、DLし直しても残っててプレイ出来ないしで直るまでもうやらんわ。

 The Witcher IIIのPS4Pro及びXb1Xに対する対応状況の差を考えれば、CDPRならご円さえあればXb1版よりPS4版の方が不具合が多く出やすい状況を意図的に作り出す場合もありそうだなというイメージも少しはあるのですが、Xb1版の(XSX|Sにおける“互換”動作時を含めた)不具合の多さを考えると単に素ですかね、あとXbot連はやはり実際にはやっていないと。



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