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(1/6) Some will be happy with this news, some won't be. But I've faced this many times in the last couple months specifically, personal guilt about it, I've talked with a few people about it, and making this decision.

I'm retiring as a leaker & being open with stuff I know now.

(2/6)I'll still tweet about all the dorky things my enthusiasm entails, but the main reason is personal guilt over those who's work I affect. I realized through this I can handle people not liking me, that's fine & people likewise can think whatever about me as a person. But I've

(3/6) always been a bit guilty of those who's work I've hurt, people I've hurt, & when the reality of that is faced by myself. It doesn't make me happy, feel good, anything. I like to be open, but I also know that openness has hurt honest hard working people.

So I'll stop.

(4/6) Whether you ever believed me or not, doesn't matter. Some will see this as some quitting something or stopping a façade, I know personally that's not it. But people can believe what they want to believe here, for me it doesn't concern me anymore.

I'll focus more of my time

(5/6) of my time and effort on things I enjoy. I like to share things out of my enthusiasm, and I like being an open person, but I can do that in more productive ways I feel. I'm fortunate to know a lot of the people I do,

I'll just do as I do, and as I've always done, but in a

(6/6) way to not hurt people & to be someone I'm happier with in this regard.

My personal choice, I assume I'm going to get some shit over it for a while, but that's okay. I'll continue to be open and honest in other ways, & pushing for my enthusiasm in healthier ways.





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