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【悲報】Dusk Golem「日本円で60,000円~70,000円と聞いた」【リーカー】

[ResetEra: Dusk Golem: PS5 costs around $600 at launch to produce, but pretty sure it’ll cost under that Rumor]

Dusk Golem

I was sleeping and wondered why my tweets blew up.

All I'm going to say is people really are misreading me here, on almost every count. I didn't say this to be some leaking thing specifically for those who think I'm "covering all bases", I don't know the final price Sony will go with, I even state it in my tweet it's just my personal prediction. It's also why I didn't tweet it out to everyone, someone said something that was a bit amusing to me so I just responded with something I had heard. I did not hear 60000 yen specifically was the cost of production, I said the price range in Japan would be 60000-70000 yen from what I heard.

No one needs to believe me, I didn't say this for "leaker cred" or whatever people think I was doing, I was just responding to someone. The fun of both examples here is I didn't post either of these things specifically looking for attention. I am a talkative person, sometimes these things come up in convo and I don't mind talking about it. But people try to spin it like I'm some cartoon villain or something, and start saying I'm saying things I'm really not.

Hopefully it's priced well for everyone, that's the hope.


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