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[gamesindustry.biz: Microsoft goes all-in on the 'evergreen platform']


At the core of Microsoft's strategy is the firm's belief that it can pull off the 'evergreen console' -- a device that's just a continually upgraded and evolving platform (like a PC, or a smartphone). If it's going to reach that point, though, at some point it was going to have to bite this bullet -- launching a major new hardware update and saying "this isn't going to have any exclusive titles, because it's just the next device in a series that already exists." A new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy doesn't have new software titles you can't use on the previous hardware. Your new PC or Mac doesn't run applications you couldn't run on your old PC. They run them better, as a rule, but if you continued to use the old hardware you'd still be able to use the same apps and games -- albeit with a degraded experience to some extent.


Microsoft's approach implies that the next device in the Series X range is probably not that far down the line -- perhaps 18 to 24 months after the first Series X console appears, we should expect an updated model, stretching that window of capabilities that developers need to support even further. Eventually, the window can stretch no further, so the trailing end of the window is going to have to start to move. Already, some games that play really nicely on Xbox One X are pretty poor on the original Xbox One (there's a notably bigger performance gap between those two devices than between PS4 and PS4 Pro), and sooner or later the trailing end of consoles is going to have to be cut off from software support.

 “MSのアプローチはXbox Series Xの次のモデルが18-24ヶ月後に発売され、その時には対応ハードの範囲が動かされXbox Oneは非対応に~”




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