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[DualShockers: NieR: Automata Interview — Yoko Taro and Keeiichi Okabe Talk 2B, Possible New IP, and Much More]

Jordan Boyd

DualShockers has a chat with Director Yoko Taro and Composer Keiichi Okabe, at PAX East. We spoke about the game since its launch, the charm of protagonist 2B, creative decisions, as well as what’s in store in the future for Yoko Taro.

Jordan: It’s been a year since the release of NieR: Automata on PS4 and PC. Should we consider this a closed chapter or could we still see the game ported over to the Nintendo Switch or Xbox One?

Yoko Taro: Since I’m an underling, I don’t have enough authority to decide what platform to release on. All of that would be decided by our Producer Mr. Saito. Please write in your article that everything in the world is being manipulated by someone in the background… like a dark background. You can’t see it, but those things happen in the background. [Editor’s note: you can imagine this said with a very ominous Yoko Taro voice]


J: Have you been contacted by Nintendo about getting 2B into Smash Bros. alongside other famous characters like Bayonetta and Cloud?

YT: Nintendo? I’m not sure, but I haven’t received anything. I think that only characters on Nintendo platforms can actually be in that game.

 “Q:NieR:AutomataがPS4/PCで発売されてから一年が経過しましたが、私たちはこれを完結したお話と考えるべきでしょうか。或いはNintendo SwitchもしくはXbox Oneに移植された物を見ることは出来るのでしょうか?
 ヨコオD: 私は下っ端なので発売するプラットフォームを決める権限は持ってないです。全ての決定権は齊藤(陽介)プロデューサーにあります。記事にはこの世の全ては闇の中で誰かによって動かされているんだと書いておいて下さい”


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